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When you see a limo driving up the road, the first and only thing you notice is the front of the vehicle and don't deny it because we all do it. We usually think "oh it's just another 4x4!", but when it passes you, your eyes have never opened that wide before. They certainly draw attention to themselves. I don't think limos can get any bigger than they already are and if they did, it'll be a little awkward on the roads! Somehow, I don't think other drivers would appreciate a super-size limo!
Booker Limo has a range of limos for hire in Manchester and a range of other vehicles including fire engines and wedding hire cars. Whether it's for a secondary school leaver's prom, your wonderful wedding, or maybe you just want to travel around in style, hiring a limo is most definitely the right choice for you. You'll feel like a celebrity as soon as you step inside!
Travelling around in style has never been better and limo hiring is growing in popularity; so popular in fact that there are all kinds of different models available – including the popular 'hummer limo' for example!
Even more additions have surfaced and rose to fame over the years, and depending on what you need, we'll have it! Most of our customers think it's bizarre that we have our very own fire engines (available for hire) which are also available in a variety of different colours, although you can't do any fire service jobs if that's what your intentions were…apologies!
If you want to travel in style for a special occasion then get in touch with Booker Limo today and we'll run through everything that you need to know about limo hire in Manchester. Call us today on either 0800 849 6814 or 07976 703 705.

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