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Hen parties are not really about eating and drinking out or receiving presents, they are all about partying! The best way to do this is by hiring a limo for your hen night. Hiring a limousine can turn your hen night into an amazing experience to remember. offers a vast variety of different limousines for your Hen night celebration chose from the stunning Chrysler Baby Bentley or American Stretch Lincoln Limousines, if theres more Hens in your party then our Magnificent 13 Seater Hummerstyle Limos are perfect, To get the party started its got to be the awesome 16 Seater Boogie Party buses balloons banners,bubbly and Hens the perfect combination. We cover all areas of the North West including Manchester,Salford,Liverpool,Wirral,Bolton,Bury,Blackburn,Burnley,Wigan,Oldham etc we also cover all areas of cheshire including Sale,Altincham,Cheadle,Stockport,Macclesfield,Northwich,Middlewich,Crewe,Stoke etc








No place in the world is better than Manchester for the ultimate classy Hen Weekend or Party night. It offers all kinds of fun places - classy shops and fancy restaurants, hot bars and night clubs. Options available to you include capricious tours around town in limousines and tippling superb cocktails, as well as viewing the city from above on the Manchester Big Wheel and Famous Printworks. Whatever you choose we guarantee you a fantastic time!

Planning a great Hen Night
It's frightening to think how overwhelming hen night planning can look. Many of you who've been through the experience of putting one together might hoot with laughter when you hear a movie star or footballer talking about what "extreme pressure" they're under. These Robert De Niros and Jose Mourinhos should try juggling a combination of pre-wedding diet, budgetary constraints, transport, insurance and those potentially-explosive guest lists before they use such exaggerated terminology in future... Lightweights.

We present a mini-guide to planning the perfect hen night, from the size of party to the accommodation to the forfeits...

With more than enough to occupy the bride's mind, she'll be relying on her friends to bring home the bacon and sort out the specifics relating to the hen weekend. Brownie points to those volunteering first!

There is no definitive guide on how to carry a hen weekend off with perfection, but there are a few rules of thumb that will stop you from making a Millennium Dome out of the whole thing.



Five Main Areas - The Key To Success

The main areas to tick off are: Who? Where? When? How to get there? and What to do?... everything else is just window dressing.

Assuming that the bride has selected her sub-committee of hen organisers, and that this power lobby includes you and a maximum of 2 other people, the chances are that she has given you a list of names that include the following brands of hen guests:-

This is the hard-core souls who the bride wants there no matter what the circumstances. You will probably be on this list and will not have to persuade the others to attend. But you will have to take heed of any dates they will not be available. Possibles
This will include people who she hasn't seen for a little while and isn't sure of how likely they are to come, what with commitments, children and the like. The list will also include the "generally unreliables", i.e. those who the bride regards as 'characters' but who you may view as "pains in the arse".


This increasingly familiar pattern, also duplicated with stag nights these days, includes the prospective in-laws' relevant members being invited to proceedings, usually with the bride's secret hope that they can't actually come so that she can totally enjoy herself without being on her best behaviour but will still look a great daughter-in-law for having offered in the first place! Sometimes includes oddballs and space cadets who are long-time friends of someone on the 'definites' list, and thereby have to be invited.

Definitely Not's

Occasionally, the bride in question may have a couple of names who would one day have made the 'Have To's' list, but now, for reasons of violence, betrayal or suspected wrong-doing, are as welcome as gonorrhoea. When underlining these names, the determined but diplomatic bride will probably suggest picking a date or venue that this person will not be able to make, thereby again making it seem to the aforementioned undesirable that they had been invited when in fact they were never on the agenda. Be careful with this one though, it can backfire. You may earn your spurs from negotiating this part alone!

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